Joyah is an energy and sound alchimist who offers individual sessions (office visit or remotely) and Sacred Sound Ceremonies or Sound Baths in group settings.

From childhood, Joyah felt a profound connection with the invisible. Before sleep, she would travel to non-physical realities using breathing techniques that came to her intuitively. In 2001 she backpacked across Northern India and Nepal with the desire of finding a way to heal with her hands. In Dharamsala she deepened her practice of yoga and became a Reiki master. Upon her return, she lived in Paris, France, directing documentaries and studying Traditional Chinese Acupuncture at the Centre Imhotep under the guidance of Jean Motte; she graduated in 2007. During this time, she experimented with and studied Grinberg Method, Ayurveda, and aromatherapy. She moved to Los Angeles, California in 2008 and studied Core Shamanism and the Arcturian Healing Method created by Gene Ang. When she (re)discovered the sound of the Crystal Bowls, she connected with old memories of healing and felt compelled to share their songs with her community. In Los Angeles, Joyah was part of Spirit House Collective, a collective of women, and has facilitated workshops in this magical space. She has also offered Sound Baths at Modo Yoga LA, Peace Yoga Gallery and various private parties.

Her work is informed by all these modalities as well as by the initiations she has received since childhood and during her travels to Japan, Morocco, India and Mexico. By combining the Arcturian Healing Method, an energy medicine, and the high frequencies of the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls™, Joyah has created a unique holistic approach which enables her clients to reach deep states of relaxation where healing can take place on the physical, subtle and multi-dimensional levels of their beings.

Joyah believes we are all intrinsically healers and shamans and feels that health, balance and coherence are the natural states of our bodies. As infinite beings we have access to anything with which we choose to vibrate in resonance.

She now offers private one on one sessions as well as group Sacred Sound Ceremonies or Sound Baths in Lausanne, all over Switzerland and occasionally in Paris.