I loved Joyah’s sound bath! I was tired and a little disturbed by negative emotions when I arrived, and I came out of the session with a rested mind, calm and relaxed. It was an amazing experience!
— Karine
During my first sound ceremony led by Joyah, I felt a great pain in my ovaries and in my lower back, as if I was giving birth. I rediscovered that I had ovaries! The night that followed, I slept like never before in my life, and a few days later a great fatigue took hold of me, a kind of exhaustion. Since then, I feel very calm for the first time in my life.
— Christine


Joyah coats you with her softness and the magic of her sounds. Harmony reigns in the space and in the body, inviting any dysfunctional mechanism to rise to the surface in order to be brought to light and thus dissolved. She is a true alchemist.
— Raphaëlle Cohen
A sound bath with Joyah is like a massage of the soul. The bowls sing out waves of sounds and clouds of colors that cleanse you from the inside out, reaching to places you weren’t really aware of. Joyah has an acute sense of where you need healing, and a soothing presence that enables trust and letting go. After a private session, I feel not only relaxed and refreshed but deeply reset and grounded at my core, as if the bowls vibrating together had shaken up all unwanted presence in my mind and body. I recommend a sound bath to anyone who has a sense of being in touch with their inner selves and who is in need of some deep, loving care. Thank you Joyah, for spreading your healing powers!
— Alicia, Los Angeles
I was very lucky to receive a session of crystals bowls at my home from Joyah. I had already experienced a group session in the past that I really enjoyed, but I was curious to receive an individual session. The experience was completely different, much more intense, the sound was just for me... I have been suffering from strong tensions in a shoulder causing heaviness and pain in the hand, so we focused the session on this symptom. Joyah’s work with her bowls was amazing: It really felt like a the big cleaning that was been done in this specific area. The room we chose for the treatment is not very big and the beauty of the sound was rather exceptional. After an hour of work, my body and my mind were in balance and my shoulder much more mobile and relieved, my arm felt lighter. It was an incredible journey to the center of my body... Moreover, a very particular atmosphere reigned in my apartment the days that followed the session, it was bathed in this fairy sweetness... Joyah, through her alignment and kindness, will take you well beyond your expectations. I can only recommend her to you and I’m already looking forward to my next sessions.
— Maryline C, Lausanne
My first individual session with Joyah was pure happiness. First of all, the space where she welcomed me, in her Lausanne office, immersed me in an environment of security and comfort. One realizes immediately that one enters only rarely in places like this nowadays. Put at ease by this atmosphere, you can let your soul wander to the sounds of the beautiful crystal bowls all colored in delicate hues. The sounds pass through your body and you blend in to become one with them. I came in without expressing a specific wish for healing but later discovered that my body had started healing from an imbalance that I was not even aware of. An experience to renew at all costs!
— Angie D.
My treatment with Joyah and the singing bowls was soothing and deeply healing. The sounds of the bowls resonated deep inside my system. Joyah seemed to understand what part of my body required attention — tuning the vibration of the singing bowls to any blockages in my own system, gently breaking them up. The sound was so mesmerizing that I felt in an altered state within minutes. The healing Arcturian energy that she uses in conjunction with the bowls only added to the soft and beautiful experience. Joyah herself is full of bright energy and I felt at home with her from the moment we met. She listened to my issues and addressed them calmly and efficiently. I felt taken care of in the most beautiful way. I would recommend this mystical and magical experience to anyone looking for a source of deep healing at the hands of an empathic and deeply attentive practitioner.
— Lizzy, Los Angeles
I have received a lot of energy work for the last 20 years, but I found this session to be very different from anything else I had done before. It was a beautiful, unique and powerful experience.

Joyah is very intuitive and knew perfectly which bowl or combination of bowls to play at which moment, and was completely in tune with my needs.

During the entire session, I could feel the cells of my whole body moving, vibrating and aligning in a brand new way, as if they were shaking off the dust. This new vibration went on for many hours after the session. I also suddenly received clarity and answers to old questions during my session with her.

It’s been a very special experience to work with Joyah and I can only invite you to experience it if you are ready for deep changes and alignments.
— Fanny V., Watertown, MA. Hypnotherapist and Healer. Owner and Founder of the Wise Self Hypnosis