Make yourself comfortable, lie down, close your eyes. Use headphones, and pick a pleasant volume. You can practice active listening by observing what is happening in your body, emotions and thoughts, or you can simply relax and let the frequencies do the rest.

Happy listening!!


This Sound Meditation & Activation using Alchemy crystal bowls was recorded with the intention of connecting with the consciousness of the Great Central Sun in order to align with Its frequency and activate our galactic memories.


This Alchemy Crystal Bowls sound meditation was recorded with the intention of connecting to the Earth, grounding ourselves and healing our physical bodies. It is embedded with Arcturian Earth frequencies that will activate each time you play this recording. 


This Yoga Nidra (or guided meditation) accompanied by the Alchemy crystal bowls aims at making us aware of the mechanism of our thoughts in order to calm them and enter a state of deep relaxation.

This Yoga Nidra was recorded during a class in a Mongolian yurt, by Nicole Rupp from the association Quiétude and Joyah from Liquid Light Healing.