A Sound Bath, Sound Journey, Sound Ceremony, Sound Meditation, or Sound Massage…takes place in a group setting with people usually lying on the floor with a blanket, eye mask, and pillow. It is a deeply relaxing experience that allows the brain to generate Theta waves, the same we produce right before sleep or during meditation. When our brain emits these frequencies, profound healing can occur.


The pure sound of the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls™ has the ability to clear, balance and energize the energy centers (or Chakras) of our system, allowing the natural flow or Chi to move freely. It vibrates at the core of our cells and allows us to change vibratory patterns at the deepest level of our being. These high frequencies help “reset” our bodies to a balanced state by bringing coherence to each and every one of our cells. A deep regenerative night of sleep usually follows.


What to expect during and after a Sound Bath?

·      Release of physical/emotional blocks

·      Heightened awareness

·      Enhanced immunity

·      Relief from stress, anxiety and depression

·      Improved clarity and intuition

·      A feeling of peace

·      Access to deep relaxation of the mind/body system

·      A harmonized nervous system

Pregnant women are welcome, as well as people who are recovering from an illness or having reduced mobility.

Children are accepted from 8 years old - it depends on each child’s temperament, and as parents, you are the best positioned to decide whether your child might join you.