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Cacao Ceremony & Crystal Sound Bath at STUDIO SOHAM, Genève

  • Studio SoHam 23 Rue du Prieuré Genève, GE, 1202 Switzerland (map)

For the first time in Geneva, this ceremony co-created with Jelena Ka , is a three hour inner journey around the beautiful Cacao medicine and Alchemy crystal bowls. You will be guided into meditations, a heart opening exercise and two crystal bowls sound baths. The Ceremony will end with a moment of sharing.

What is a Cacao Ceremony?

Cacao is a Heart medicine used by the Mayans for millennia for its emotional and spiritual healing properties. It is used as a medicine plant to heal and teach, and this approach has the advantage of being completely legal and harmless. A Cacao Ceremony is an opportunity to connect and open your Heart while being in a safe space in order to facilitate the transformation you are working on, whether you want to deepen your understanding of who you are or release old patterns. Whichever your path is, Cacao will give you the insights you need to move forward.

What are the effects of Cacao?

Theobromine is the active ingredient that contributes to the role of Cacao as an aphrodisiac and neurotransmitter that stimulates dopamine or "hormone of love". The name theo-broma comes from the Greek and means "the food of the Gods". Its ceremonial and ritual use were almost lost when it became industrialized and lost from 70 to 95% of its active ingredients.

The program of the Ceremony:

• Energy cleanse

• Cacao sharing

• Guided meditation and setting intention

• Mini crystal bowls sound bath

• Exercise of energy integration

• Long crystal bowls sound bath

• Closing of the ceremony

Important: Please avoid alcohol 24 hours before the ceremony and caffeine on this day. It is best not to eat too much in the morning. Please contact us if you are taking antidepressants or other drugs.

100.- / 90.- for the members of Studio SoHam

Space is limited, thank you for registering in advance.