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Yin Yoga, Cristal Bowls & Poetry at STUDIO SOHAM, Geneva

  • Studio Soham 23 Rue du Prieuré Genève, GE, 1202 Switzerland (map)

This workshop will be co-hosted with Gaëlle from Nomad Yoga and will take place at Studio Soham. Join us for two hours of deep relaxation and inner listening. You will be guided in a meditation, a practice of Yin Yoga accompanied by the vibration of the Crystal Bowls and punctuated with Poetry on the theme of the inner journey. We will end with a moment of sharing around an herbal tea.

The program of the workshop: Yoga postures will stimulate the body gently and allow the energy to circulate. By creating more space in the body and mind, we will seek to (re)balance and accommodate the polarities that are part of us:

Yin: the energy of the earth, the shadow (or the shaded side of the mountain), feminine, depth, stillness, winter)

Yang: the energy of the sky, the light (or the slope to the sun of the mountain), masculine, surface, mobility, summer)

The sound will accompany the practice to help you dive deep into yourself and reconnect. Poetry will nourish your spirit and invite you to be fully present while letting yourself be carried away by the words. The vibrations of the crystal bowls and the reading of poems will thus constitute a thread that will guide you along this journey towards your inner light.

80.- / 70.- for the members of SoHam and the cabinet Déphysio

Space is limited, please register in advance.