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Galactic Sound Healing at SPIRIT HOUSE COLLECTIVE

Come experience a very unique Sound Healing night at Spirit House!

Are you ready to immerse yourself and connect with your intuition on a deep level? Using the powerful sound frequencies of the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls we will cleanse, balance and energize our chakras, We will lie back and slowly enter into a deeply relaxing state, letting the sound-energy cut through our pain, patterns, and attachments, while the vibrations enter the core of our cells. These high frequencies can change vibratory patterns to the deepest level of our being, “resetting” our system to a balanced state by bringing coherence back to the core of our cells. In addition to the sound immersion, we will receive the strong multidimensional frequencies from the Arcturian light beings co-creating with us. These frequencies will work on each person individually, re-balancing your endocrine system, harmonizing your brain, your nervous system, taking away detrimental energies attached to you, clearing programs and helping you release any physical or subtle blocks. Be ready for a powerful attunement to the New Earth energies. We will end with an aromatic herbal tea to awaken our senses and ground ourselves back into our bodies. A fantastic night of sleep usually follows!!

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